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P2P Link .
Today's Solution for More Efficient,
Cost Effective Handling of
Workers' Compensation Bills

The cost of processing claims is rising, and slow payment is a growing concern. State statutes require medical benefits to be paid in a timely manner or expensive penalties can be imposed. P2P Link's technology connects you electronically to providers so you can communicate quickly, efficiently and reliably. You'll reduce claim-handling costs thus improving your total cost per claim.
How It Works .
. Medical providers submit bills, medical reports and other communications electronically over the Internet via P2P Link's web interface.
. The information travels first to a unique "Transaction Hub" where it undergoes immediate automated review. Bill submission errors are eliminated.
. Once it passes through the Transaction Hub, information from multiple providers is then transmitted to your company.

Discover These Proven Benefits .
. Improved accuracy of submitted bills, resulting in fewer send-backs.
. Increased productivity of bill handling resources, leading to reduced claim costs.
. Elimination of physical paper processing, copying, filing and storing.
. More timely communication on medical reports and earlier notice of loss.

Easy to Get Connected .
. The technology at the heart of P2P Link's Transaction Hub was developed with the input and support of leading property/casualty companies.
. P2P Link already partners with national and regional medical provider groups, as well as organizations that provide access to local providers . and the network is growing.

If you'd like more detailed information on how P2P Link's services can benefit your Workers' Compensation business, please call toll free: 1-866-450-3898.