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P2P Link . Today's Solution for
Fast, Accurate Submission
of Workers' Compensation Bills

One of the administrative challenges facing medical offices today is the billing process for Workers' Compensation claims. As a manual process, it's time-consuming, paper-intensive and inefficient, resulting in slower cash flow.

P2P Link's specialized technology connects you electronically to insurance payers, providing a streamlined and cost-effective process for Workers' Compensation billing and reimbursements.
The Internet-Based Service Makes It Easy to Get Connected .
. With P2P Link's services, no new software is needed. You can use your current Practice Management System to collect the billing information and medical documents for the insurance payers.
. Your information is then sent to payers via a P2P Link application. Data travels first to P2P Link's secure "Transaction Hub" where it undergoes an automated review for completeness. Errors can be corrected before the bill is submitted to the payers, saving time, payer rejections, and re-work.
. Click here to see how P2P Link's services can simplify your current process!

Discover These Proven Benefits .
. Better workflow and significantly reduced manual work (fewer phone and fax inquiries),
. Less paperwork and reduced mailing costs,
. Fewer billing errors resulting in increased acceptance rates,
. Fewer days for account receivables and improved cash flow for your office.

Real Results.
. Medical providers already using P2P Link's services had billing error rates drop from as much as 30% to less than 5% - savings thousands of dollars in administrative and billing expenses.
. Medical billing studies indicate that full conversion to electronic billing for the average medical practice can generate average savings in billing costs of up 50%. Our consultants can help you estimate your actual savings based on your current practices.

If you'd like more detailed information on how P2P Link's technology can benefit your medical provider organization, please call toll free: 1-866-450-3898.