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Today's Solution for Fast, Efficient Processing of Workers' Compensation Bills

Welcome to P2P Link's website, home of the Internet-based services that provide fast, easy and cost-saving electronic communications between medical care providers and payers in Workers' Compensation claims.

P2P Link's applications streamline the billing and payment process. So whether you're a medical care provider, or a claims payer, P2P Link's services can help you save significant time and resources, resulting in important cost savings to your office, company or organization.

To learn more about the benefits of P2P Link's services, choose one of the options below.

If you are a Medical Care Provider or in a related service such as:
. Billing Company
. Managed Care Organization
. Preferred Provider Organization

Click here to learn how P2P Link's services can help you submit bills and medical documents faster, easier and with greater accuracy, improving your office's cash flow.
If you are a Workers' Compensation Payer, including:
. Property/Casualty Insurer
. Self-insured Employer
. Third Party Administrator
. Self-Administered Employer

Click here to learn how P2P Link's services simplify the handling of your Workers' Compensation medical bills and reduces claim handling costs.